Recent Projects by AD-Interio

3 BHK Interior Design at Pacific GolF Estate, Dehradun

Team AD interio is back. We have finally completed this much-awaited project. We designed this beautiful 3 BHK apartment located in Pacific Golf Estate for Mr. Rawat.

Mr. Rawat wanted the apartment to be classy and comfortable at the same time. Comfort and functionality are what we focused on the most before designing the apartment.
The apartment has been designed according to the client's choice and the creative approach of our team. As customization is our forte, everything that you see is customized by ADinterio.
The moment you enter the apartment, you get a feeling of warmth and comfort. We not only fulfilled the requirements of our client but also tried to keep things in balance at the same time. After all, a well-designed space is what everyone wants at the end of the day. Read more...

Villa Interior In Swastik Greens, Dehradun

Designed a villa situated in Swastik Greens, Dehradun.

We have completed yet another project. Kudos! to ourdesigning team. The Villa that we have designed is situated in Swastik Greens,Dehradun. The Villa is a perfect blend of our client's taste and our team's creativity. When we get clients like Mr. and Mrs. Chawla working becomes easy and interesting. Designing not only gives us happiness, but also motivation to create something new every time. This beautiful villa has got everything that you can expect for a comfortable and elegant living.

A Villa In Panache Valley, Dehradun

This time we got a chance to work for Mr. Gupta who is an amazing person and has an upbeat attitude. Mr. Gupta was looking for interior designing services for his Villa, located in Panache Valley. We had a great time designing his Villa. It was very easy to work with him because of his intellectual lucidity.

We have designed the entire Villa from the scratch. It included everything from furniture to ceiling, from wall decors to furnishings and so on. We always believe in customization. Customization makes the space more functional.

3BHK Luxury Apartment in Pacific Golf

This time we designed a 3BHK Apartment in Pacific Golf Estate. We had an amazing experience working with Mr. & Mrs. Semwal. Both were very cooperative throughout the process and had a great taste and understanding that helped us in creating a proficient design.

Our client wanted the design to be both comfortable and functional. The apartment not only meets the need of the client but also looks aesthetically pleasing. Every room has its own uniqueness. If you take a proper look at the interior you will see that the use of different materials makes the space look appealing, stylish and elegant in its own way. The simplicity of the design and choice of good material and decors makes the entire space ooze with charm.

3BHK Luxury Apartment in Jhajhra

We got a chance to work for Mrs. Mishra while she was looking forward to revamp Interior of her beautiful 3bhk Apartment Located in JHAJHRA.

Mrs. Mishra is a wonderful and free-spirited lady who wanted her interior to be subtle. She wanted her interior to have a warm feel – a little bit golden, with pure teak wood and neutral shades. Located in Jhajra, Mrs. Mishra and her husband Mr. Mishra lives on the first floor of an apartment building in Dehradun. Here are some of the aspects of their charming apartment that we absolutely adore. So let’s get started with the LIVING ROOM! shall we?

3BHK Apartment on Mussoorie Road

The apartment was remodelled with few aesthetic elements which bring out the best within the structure. Mrs Anita the owner of the house loved the creativity of the team and new DIY ideas which were suggested to her.

Living room of Mrs. Anita house is a spacious area with wooden ceiling wall décor. Decorated with elegant contrast sofa sittings. The living room also consists of a wall mounted T.V unit for families to make beautiful memories over their favorite TV shows. The living area consists of a free passage area for leisure and free walking. In total it is a beautiful place to reside in.

Penthouse Interior in Trafalgar Society

This time it was a flat’s interior located at CANAL ROAD in Dehradun. Owners of the property were open to new and creative ideas.

We worked with them, expanding our creative parameters. There was absolute no hindrance during work procedure from their side which motivated our to take full advantage of creative liberty hence resultin in aesthetic output.

Toy Shop at Rajpur Road

This Rajpur road located kid store reflects the happiness and positivity which radiates all over the place.

In this KID’s SHOP we have designed a specific play area just for toddlers to have fun. This area consists of artificial trees, grass, toys and every other fascinating elements that you can think of for your toddler to be happy.